Thursday, January 05, 2006

Aliens were believed as Hindu Gods

This can be described using the following theory and history:

· Einstein's theory of special relativity
· History of Puri Jagannath Temple

From the theories below, I propose that we had contacts with aliens having special powers to change their appearance (can be done now a days with makeup). They (aliens) were politically involved with our lives. After some period we lost communication with them. I believe this explains all our Hindu myths and stories. My justification to this is that, our stories describe only two generation of the gods (so called aliens).

i.e., they discuss only till Shiva, Muruga and Vinayak. Their family was not extended to next generation of Vinayak.

Einstein's theory of special relativity

this theory states that, if u travel at speed equal to speed of light then time you lived will be lesser than others. (It means if you travel for 1 day on that kind of speed, when you reach back you find others become older than you).

Probability of traveling at the speed of light is zero. But, theory will be holding good for some speed nearer to light speed also.

For brief on Space-Time Relation:

History of Puri Jagannath Temple

King Indradyumna built a temple extended 60 cubits beneath the earth and rose 120 cubits above the surface. At the top of the temple the king built a Kalasha, or round pinnacle and on top of that a chakra, or disc. He also had the temple decorated with golden ornamentations. Then King Indradyumna, desiring for Lord Brahma to consecrate the temple, traveled to Brahmaloka and spent long time there waiting for Lord Brahma. During that time, (in earth) the temple, which is very near the coast, became covered with sand from the shore.

When King Indradyumna was away (at Brahmaloka), all of king’s relatives and people were dead. And after sometime, first Suradeva and then Galamadhava took over as the kings of that area. It was Galamadhava who raised the temple from within the sands, where it had been buried for a long time. Shortly after the temple was uncovered however, King Indradyumna returned from Lord Brahma's abode. Indradyumna claimed that he had constructed the temple, but Galamadhava put forward the claim that he was its constructor.

In a banyan tree near the temple, however, lived a bhusandi crow that had been living through many ages, constantly singing the name of Lord Rama. From his abode on the branches of that banyan tree, the crow had seen the whole construction of the temple. Therefore, he made it know that actually King Indradyumna had constructed the temple and that in his absence it had been covered by sand. He further said that King Galamadhava had concealed the truth, Lord Brahma then ordered him to reside outside the grounds of the temple, on the western side of the lake called Indradyumna sarovara.


My explanation for the above story is with the help of Einstein’s theory:

What happened is, as Indradyumna traveled at space vehicle of some great speed (nearer to light speed) to Brahmaloka. He was at the same age, but time passed in earth. This makes sense, with respect to Einstein's theory. Thus, I would like to say all Hindu mystery stories were referring to an Alien planet (having states Brahmaloka, Vaikuntam or SakthiLok) and aliens as Gods as they were having supreme powers (because of their scientific capabilities).

The rule will be the same for Vishnu also (while he travels towards earth), but just think about it this way. The aliens were having long lives. As we know about the amurtham (vital drink making people death less) which keeps them long live. May be they were just highly advanced in Medicine. Even, that will be possible over here in earth after some scientific and medical advances. I hope our average life period too will be increased for sure.

That’s the reason why in most of the Hindu religion stories, People from earth were not allowed to reach Brahmaloka, Vaikuntam or SakthiLok and told they will reach there after death.

Whereas, there is no historical evidence available for the story of Jagannath Temple, Puri. But, the story has some scientific possibility for its credibility.