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Aliens were believed as Hindu Gods

This can be described using the following theory and history:

· Einstein's theory of special relativity
· History of Puri Jagannath Temple

From the theories below, I propose that we had contacts with aliens having special powers to change their appearance (can be done now a days with makeup). They (aliens) were politically involved with our lives. After some period we lost communication with them. I believe this explains all our Hindu myths and stories. My justification to this is that, our stories describe only two generation of the gods (so called aliens).

i.e., they discuss only till Shiva, Muruga and Vinayak. Their family was not extended to next generation of Vinayak.

Einstein's theory of special relativity

this theory states that, if u travel at speed equal to speed of light then time you lived will be lesser than others. (It means if you travel for 1 day on that kind of speed, when you reach back you find others become older than you).

Probability of traveling at the speed of light is zero. But, theory will be holding good for some speed nearer to light speed also.

For brief on Space-Time Relation:

History of Puri Jagannath Temple

King Indradyumna built a temple extended 60 cubits beneath the earth and rose 120 cubits above the surface. At the top of the temple the king built a Kalasha, or round pinnacle and on top of that a chakra, or disc. He also had the temple decorated with golden ornamentations. Then King Indradyumna, desiring for Lord Brahma to consecrate the temple, traveled to Brahmaloka and spent long time there waiting for Lord Brahma. During that time, (in earth) the temple, which is very near the coast, became covered with sand from the shore.

When King Indradyumna was away (at Brahmaloka), all of king’s relatives and people were dead. And after sometime, first Suradeva and then Galamadhava took over as the kings of that area. It was Galamadhava who raised the temple from within the sands, where it had been buried for a long time. Shortly after the temple was uncovered however, King Indradyumna returned from Lord Brahma's abode. Indradyumna claimed that he had constructed the temple, but Galamadhava put forward the claim that he was its constructor.

In a banyan tree near the temple, however, lived a bhusandi crow that had been living through many ages, constantly singing the name of Lord Rama. From his abode on the branches of that banyan tree, the crow had seen the whole construction of the temple. Therefore, he made it know that actually King Indradyumna had constructed the temple and that in his absence it had been covered by sand. He further said that King Galamadhava had concealed the truth, Lord Brahma then ordered him to reside outside the grounds of the temple, on the western side of the lake called Indradyumna sarovara.


My explanation for the above story is with the help of Einstein’s theory:

What happened is, as Indradyumna traveled at space vehicle of some great speed (nearer to light speed) to Brahmaloka. He was at the same age, but time passed in earth. This makes sense, with respect to Einstein's theory. Thus, I would like to say all Hindu mystery stories were referring to an Alien planet (having states Brahmaloka, Vaikuntam or SakthiLok) and aliens as Gods as they were having supreme powers (because of their scientific capabilities).

The rule will be the same for Vishnu also (while he travels towards earth), but just think about it this way. The aliens were having long lives. As we know about the amurtham (vital drink making people death less) which keeps them long live. May be they were just highly advanced in Medicine. Even, that will be possible over here in earth after some scientific and medical advances. I hope our average life period too will be increased for sure.

That’s the reason why in most of the Hindu religion stories, People from earth were not allowed to reach Brahmaloka, Vaikuntam or SakthiLok and told they will reach there after death.

Whereas, there is no historical evidence available for the story of Jagannath Temple, Puri. But, the story has some scientific possibility for its credibility.


Sarit said...

Pretty interesting stuff...

I used to read a lot of books on similar lines. There was this author called Eric Von Daniken and his theory was very much similar to yours.

He tries to explain other mysteries of the world such as the face-like rock monliths on Easter Islands, the stonehenge etc.

One of his book - "The Chariots of the Gods" is very famous (or rather infamous and controversial). But it's one book that's worth reading.

I'll try to get that book for you. Meanwhile you can google on "Eric Von Daniken". I bet you'll enjoy it.

Fact Finder said...

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jack said...

Dis iz a really gud theory nd i really likd it

kenny said...

Ur blog is really interesting, even I have heard a similar myth that lord ganesha,who is depicted with a trunk is believed to be an alien with a gas mask on his nose, since he cannot survive breathing oxygen.(People misunderstood the gas mask to be elephant's trunk and potray him as elephant headed)

V said...

You spoke my mind. This is exactly how I related science and god. For sure, Gods are aliens or vice versa. And I compare the present religious system with our political system like how some follow congress, some follow BJP and others diff. parties. same way the religions also. Some follow hindu, some follow Christianity and other religions. who knows in future political parties may become religions if our leaders show some super natural powers ;) Would like to read more on this.

Nicks said...

disguisting.....this is a crap theory....i do beleive in einstein theory for time travel,but it's impossible to implement,so don't waste your tym in makin dis B.S.,why don'cha try your hand in script writing,i guess one hollywood director can give u some work...M knight shyamlan...

vijay said...

i really like your theory

Neeta said...
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Neeta said...

Here is a 1 hour film which talks about ancient aliens from as cience point of view. It is mind blowing - at least to me.

Must Watch

Jai Hok said...

The questions on Lord Jagannath and Puri Dham are interesting....Please see the structure of the Puri Temple(shapes like chariots) and the faces of the Lords look like aliens from different stars...perhaps Brahmhaloke as you have mentioned...This is a great subject of research to prove that Lord Jagannath is Almighty,Super power.

Phetsalath said...

Pretty interesting, I was thinking of the Thai calendar then I found the word for Wednesday Wan Phut aka day of Budha and that's when it said he was a Ghara an cosmic influencer that I reached this page.

gosavas said...

Fair enough the more I read about the topic the more funny feeling you get when you finally realise the stork didn't bring the baby home. So what happens now to all the spiritual people of the world. Where do they seek their sustenance to help them in their daily lives. What happens to them. They gonna get fucked really bad. The theory will possibly follow that the God of our gods is the only true god but what is or who is the God of the gods?

kiroan said...

hiee bro
ur theory is very nice
n ive been working out to prove the same theory of mines
im an alien researcher n ufologist
trying to prove my theories
but who believes?
k here is my blog
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BJ said...

i was a non believer in gods untill i saw this series call "ancient aliens" on history channel. i am now convinced that aliens with advanced technology visited our planet and helped in building some of the structures around the world which will be very difficult to build even with our modern technology. also, the hindu mythology makes a lot more sense now. the "gods" and other characters are described in a simple non-scientific way but will make sense, for example if you think of siva having a powerful laser on his headgear which was capable of reducing someone to ashes and was not a third eye on his forehead. the complexity of the hindu mythology is a testament to eyewitness narration and writing and cannot be work of fiction.

BJ said...

stephen hawking, who is considered to be a more accomplished scientist/physicist than einstein, has proposed the theory of parallel universes. if we think of travelling only in spaceships with boosters attached, sure, it will take light years to get to the distant star systems. we have come a long way from medieval times. imagine civilizations that are millions of years ahead of us. perhaps they know how to cut through vast distances in the blink of an eye. i just hope that in my lifetime, the "gods" will show up again and help us conserve our home planet.

BJ said...
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Alex said...

This is a great webpage. I have long thought Hindu gods were more like alien beings than just 'mythology' or religion. Keep up the good work !

Dr.Sahu said...

Dear Mr.Devaraj,
I am from the Indiam state of Odisha and am a firm believer that all Gods/Godesses worshiped by the entire humankind belong to highly advanced and intelligent alien races from other planets.So hindu Gods and Godesses are no exception.Now with referrence to your observation Lord Jagganath being a Alien,I have following points to make:
1. Perhaps king Indradumnya was quite aware of the implications(time dilation) of his journey through the outer space to 'Bramha Lok'.So it is quite possible that the Bhusandi crow in the banyan tree is some short of highly advanced surveillance equipments installed by him to monitor the event over a huge expanse of time in hs abscence.[which specis of crow will be alive for thousand of years ?!]
2.The temple must be a spce craft and the place must be a spce port for ferrying aliens to their various destinations.
3.Also,there is a wheel on top of the Jagannath Temple made of an alloy of eight metals (asta-dhatu). It is called the Nila Chakra (Blue Wheel) Every day, a different flag is tied to a mast attached to the Nila Chakra. Every Ekadasi, a lamp is lit on top of the temple near the wheel.It also appears that this lamp is nothing but some short of flash/strobe light to indicate the presence of the space port to other space vehicles during darker nights.

Raghu kumar mn said...

Ya good imagination, good concept, even i too having so much curiosity about aliens. Even i too making articles in my face book wall post. Visit my face book account,Raghu kumar and my e-mail id pLease keep in touch to solve this god mysteries. And to update knowledge about god is nothing but an alien.

Raghu kumar mn said...

Ya good imagination, good concept, even i too having so much curiosity about aliens. Even i too making articles in my face book wall post. Visit my face book account,Raghu kumar and my e-mail id pLease keep in touch to solve this god mysteries. And to update knowledge about god is nothing but an alien.

Sarathy Partha said...

People who does not believe God. They Would starting believing them, If he starts thinking like us. We worship them for their technology and knowledge. They have all this power acquired through self realization or realizing Brahma (Universal conscious).

Ex:-Alien they left this place somewhere in the past now, at light speed, for them time could be one day since they left, but for us Thousands of years. Now we are doing research on this aliens who left yesterday.

anilkuttappan1 said...

Yes, gods are aliens having capability of time travel and having advanced technology than us. they left us long before. but on 2012 precession of eqinos is happening for our solar system is a way to opening the certain alien paths may be expected. it will be the returning of aliens or gods to the earth. a new world order from the aliens may expected it will be the beneficial for all humanity. hindu gods and the characters and thier technology resembles to the alien technology.
on 2012 will be the new starting or world order to the humanity in the fields of enlightment and spirituality.
we may acquire the alien technology recently by contacting them.
the present techology we acquired will be contradictory to the vast advanced technology of aliens.
I am an ufologist searching to the presence of aliens.

Dr.Sahu said...

This is what one 'ancient gods and alien' website has to stay on this topic - Have you noticed that almost every ancient physical desription of a cultures "god" looks similar to the picture on the left? Almost every god we read about is described as being tall, strong (physically fit), with white hair and a beard. Apparently gods didn't like to shave. I find this interesting tho, being the fact that early humans are depicted as being of darker skin and dark hair. The ancients always speak of their gods as physically looking different then the native people. So how did they come up with this idea of their god looking so different then they do? And why would they make something like this up? And why do many of these "gods" have striking similarities? Maybe some of these gods are actually one in the same!

Many of the gods were said to have weapons, often used for mass destruction. We see this theme all over ancient texts. Thor was said to be the god of thunder and carried a hammer as his ultimate weapon. Zeus was known to posses a thunderbolt and Odin held both a spear and a bow and arrow which was said to never miss its target. Brahma, a Hindu god carried a weapon that he called the "brahma weapon" that once the weapon was fired there was no possibility of a counter attack. This weapon was also said to never miss its mark and would completely destroy anything it's aimed at. Even the Hebrew God gave weapons to man in the form of Moses staff (or Aarons rod) and the Arc of the Covenant. Not to mention the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah in which God sends angels who may have used some sort of weapon to annihilate the cities. It just seems weird to me that so many different cultures can share the same ideas about something as particular as the physical appearance of their gods.

Another interesting thing I find about the Hebrew God is that He seemed to be aware of the existence of other gods. The 1st Commandment clearly says that man will not have any gods before Him. Basically God is saying forget about the other gods that the Egyptians and others pray to and take God as the one and only God. The bible also says that the Jews were Gods chosen people. So if God created all man, why is it that the Egyptians and other cultures weren't Gods people as well? Since God created man one would think that everyone would be equal and God would want all to follow His commandments. Why did God single out the Jews? Is it because the Hebrew God only created Hebrews and other gods created the Egyptians, Sumerians and others?

One other thing I really need to know and this is very curious to me. Why does God need burnt offerings? As in cooked food by humans? We see over and over again in the bible people brought food to God. Now it doesn't say that God actually ate the food but I am curious why He would want it in the first place? Did the authors of the bible just really mess this one up or did God actually want these burnt offerings? I personally love the challenge of trying to figure this out and knowing that I probably never will. Maybe that is just the masterful work of God! (Dr.Sahu)

Dr.Sahu said...

Ancient Flying Machines:The Hindu ancient scriptures like Ramayana,Mahabharata,Puranas etc have a rich and vivid description of flying machines(vimanas:in one of such space vehicles king Indradyumna might have made his journey across the vast expanse of space to Bramhaloka).Thesse discriptions were so illustrative and lucid that one cannot but ponder over who could have the authors of such materials in those ancient times when mental evolution of logical thought process of human mind was at an earlier stage.There are so many records from ancient texts about flying machines it's ridiculous. You cannot ignore the countless documents that describe "flying chariots" and alike coming from the sky and landing on Earth. And every time there is an event like this there is always a "god or gods" coming out of the aircraft. There are so many examples of ancient aircraft and one of the most famous is found in the bible in The Book Of Ezekiel. In summary, Ezekiel describes seeing a flying machine come from the sky with bright lights, thunder and loud noises. He also describes seeing wheels, wings and fire. Ezekiel goes into detail about how he saw four faces and four wings that were all connected. And the wings, faces and body of the flying machine all moved together as one. Ezekiel also mentions that it was the color of amber and sparkled bronze. Then he describes this object has having straight legs (perhaps landing gear) and taking off from the Earth as one. Not only does Ezekiel mention this "aircraft" but he goes into great detail of its physical appearence. And the authors of the bible thought it was important enough to be included.

Other than the biblical account of Ezekiel we have many others. Egypt depicts flying aircraft on the walls in their structures. Apollo was said to fly around on his chariot. Ancient Indian texts speak of the Vimana. The Vimana was actually drawn and described in detail on paper. It looks like a modern space capsule. Ancient myths written in the Hindu text "The Mahabhrata" describe the Vimanas as being flown in battle by the gods and possesing advanced technology type weapons. This machine is also described as having wheels and roaring with thunder and lightning. The texts say that the Vimana would take off into the sky and head toward other stars in the universe.

This is all just fascinating stuff. Why would ancients make this up and where would they even conceive of this idea? There are ancient artifacts, texts and cave paintings that all describe flying machines. We need to face the very real possible fact that humans possesed certain technology in ancient times. Where this technology came from is another debate. It could be aliens, gods or maybe we were pretty smart back then. And maybe most of the evidence for this ancient technology was lost in some sort of catastrophic event. Or maybe the evidence was destroyed by religious people or even being hidden in some of the most sacred and holy places on Earth? Who knows? As time goes on we will get more answers as long as we keep asking the right questions.

Dr.Sahu said...

Make sure you keep your mind open before you read this article. Be creative to understand the meaning. There’s something behind this ancient history. This Indian holy book already gave the clue and the real story behind that make the great civilization fall. Don’t you guys feel weird why so many great civilizations around the globe can fall? There’s something behind this. All other great civilizations are like relate between each other. Don’t forget there is something behind the gods too. They are not gods. They are just flesh-and-blood beings who possessed advanced knowledge and technology. Their technology is beyond the time. That make peoples think they are gods. Actually they are not. Those ancient gods are fakes. Have you heard about the “forbidden knowledge” in your holy book? For those who don’t know what is “forbidden knowledge”, here the short explanation. The “forbidden knowledge” is created by gods and not by our own. This knowledge actually can be learnt. But those gods did not want us to know their secrets. They prohibit this knowledge. We cannot even question the power of gods. That is why we called it as “forbidden knowledge”. As conclusion, there is something behind our ancient history.

Article from “the Mahabharata” (Indian Epic)
… (it was) a single projectile
Charged with all the power of the Universe.
An incandescent column of smoke and flame
As bright as the thousand suns
Rose in all its splendor…

…it was an unknown weapon,
An iron thunderbolt,
A gigantic messenger of death,
Which reduced to ashes
The entire race of the Vrishnis and the Andhakas.

…The corpses were so burned
As to be unrecognizable.
The hair and nails fell out;
Pottery broke without apparent cause,
And the birds turned white.

After a few hours
All foodstuffs were infected…
….to escape from this fire
The soldiers threw themselves in streams
To wash themselves and their equipment.

After you read the article above, what do you think? Do you get the meaning?

I totally believe there is a nuclear war happens during that era and make the great civilizations fall. From the way they said “all the foodstuffs were infected” meanings that the foods got infected by the nuclear radiation. The skins also burned because of radiation. “Rose in all its splendor” meaning the blast of the nuclear weapon look like a big mushroom. “ was an unknown weapon”, “An iron thunderbolt, A gigantic messenger of death” means with one strike can kill thousands or million of peoples. That is a nuclear weapon. That mean the ancient nuclear war is exist!

Kushan Lahiri said...

Um, I'm a 13 year old kid and am very interested in this theory (Which I made myself too. When I googled it, I found yours. So, can we work together?

Ayush Mahajan said...

Ya, maybe Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh were from a planet which apointed them to look after the earth. So they first created dinosaurs but killed them via technology because of challenge from their strength and them simplified their DNA into smaller animals and then they finally found how to make someone like their own races and created humans.

Rakesh Malik said...

Hi I am Sameer
Dr sahu's though about ancient Indian god is with scientific view is great...
I believed in ancient aliens
My some point is here.......
Why all civilizations represents a same theory that God came from sky
If they came from sky on earth
1 spacecraft
2 appear disappear theory human body teleportation
3 time traveling by whorm hole
All are scientific if any advance civilization had that type ...........
Mythological Aztec god Quetzalcoatl .Egyptian god Osiris .Mayan god kukulcan. Sumerian god akhenaten .
Indian god Shiva
These all mythological god represent a pine cone a symbol of pineal gland A THIRD EYE.
Why lord Krishna's skin was blue
Why Quetzalcoatl's skin was white
Why Osiris's skin was green
Why lord Shiva's skin was blue also

Bikash Swain said...

I am from Puri Dham, Odisha... My native place, I heard lots of mystrious stories from my experience in Puri temple. Some power or technology is still persists in temple.

The whole formation is so scientific that, modern men can even think of building such a huge structure right now.

I am still thinking the mystery of number 3. Why god is 3. Bramha, Vishnu, Mahesh...
Why Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra, and Subhadra, why 3 chariots. what is the mystery of Lord Sudarshan and why the shape of Lord Sudarshan is like a Missile.

Inside temple you find 33crore deities from across the glove.

The boundry wall (Meghanad Pachiri) is built is such a manner and with such a technology is that it can mute the sound of Thunderstrom and the sounds of the sea.

The temple has 4 outer doors (Singh, Ashwa, Bhagha and Hasti) similarly it has 4 chambers above. connecting underground path across, lots of mystery still there.

why blue light is symbol of the nila chakra,

I am doing research from my home town and still lot to know and lot to witness...

pulak das said...

Hi, I am also a non believer of Gods during my young age. I still understand that there is some kind of tricks playing onto the mind of people to make them believe that there is God which is nowhere to be found. I still critises on everything that I see is totally unusual belief. I bet you to find more and more scientific reasons to make them believe that there is no God at all.


I agree to his facts... but you... ok aliens of our time... was not aliens of them.... at that age. And more... old indians are creator of yoga and ayurveda.. and created vimanas in interstellar space... and you think they misunderstood ganashsas mask as trunk???

Lolllsss grow up.. try to live in two ways traditional and mordern... dont be mordern.. your science didnot even reach technology of old hindu people.. and if you want proof of that.. ask me!


You belive in your science??? Good even i do . Not to its maximum limit... your medicine to a jondice will lose its power after using for 5 years... and have to reserch new medicines to prevent jaundice... 5000 years before susrutha who gave kizarnelli... still kills that jaundice now.... and you call our technology as myth and low to mordern day science... how illogic you people are..... how pathetic all are.. how ignoant you all are.. open eyes... around you.. nature stands and all happend is nature.. scientist dont know it

Vignesh Gopalakrishnan said...

This is pretty interesting.